58 Way Comfort Technology

Extending your penis by inches no longer means that you have to go through surgeries that are painful and potentially scarring or life altering.

Advancements in modern technologies have made it possible for you to achieve the size you’ve always wanted comfortably, safely and effectively. You may be wondering how this is possible, and the answer is simple; through the use of a penis extender.

What Makes Penis Extenders Work?

Penis extender
Advancements in technology have made it possible for you to safely and comfortably stretch your penis

Penis extenders work by using a relatively simple process that is very similar to the technique used in orthopedic surgery. The extender stretches the cells of the corpora cavernous in a very gentle manner, just enough that the cells break apart and begin the replication process.

The replication of these cells results in your penis length being extended by as much as 2.8 centimeters during an erection, and 1.9 centimeters while flaccid.[1] These results come from studies that were performed on eighteen different patients at the University of Torin.

In addition to the greater size, a penis extender also helps with stamina, better blood flow, and a harder erection.

Is It Uncomfortable?

Technology has helped advance penis extenders since its earlier creation. Rather than having only one comfort setting as in previous times, type 1 medical devices, such as SizeGenetics, now offer at least four different comfort options.

SizeGenetics has quickly come to the forefront of the industry with their consumer offer of 58 different wearing options that can be worn all day, no matter your sensitivity, shape or size. These penis extenders will cause no damage or pain to your penis.

What Does “58 Way Technology” Mean?

58 way technology refers to the 58 different options the wearer now has when using a penis extender made by SizeGenetics.

Remember, you have to wear your penis extender and if you don’t feel totally comfortable, you’ll never use it

These devices do not cause any damage, such as pinching, or pain to the penis whatsoever. These penis extenders are comfortable enough to wear all day long, a huge step forward from penis extenders from days past.

SizeGenetics extenders are made up of a comfort strap, silicone noose, pads for protections, fabric covering for the latex head, and a strap to help avoid slipping. These integral parts can be added and arranged in a variety of wearing options to maximize your comfort and results.

58 way comfort technology

How Does It Work?

Each of these parts make up a variety of wearing options that are available for you to experiment with and discover what works best for you.

  • Silicon Noose

    The silicone noose is the original method that pushes upwards on the head of your penis to vary the angle, and provide you with a better grip.

  • Comfort Strap

    This is a variation of the silicone noose for optimal comfort based on the wearer’s preference. It wraps around a larger section of the penis instead of just a small area under the head.

  • Protection Pad

    The protection pad fits underneath either the silicone noose or the comfort strap to provide you with extra padding.

  • Fabric Covered Latex Head Grip

    These are designed to prevent rubbing and chaffing by providing extra protection for your penis from the silicone noose or comfort strap.

  • Non-Slip Protech Matt Strap

    This strap is designed to prevent you from slipping out of penis extender by giving you extra grip. It’s ideal if your penis size or its shape is causing you to slip from the device.

SizeGenetics Ultimate System now also offers Velco-X Straps which can hold more tension, resulting in massive gains in penis size

Multi Directional Angling Technology

MDA technology

SizeGenetics uses Multi Directional Angling (MDA) Technology to remove those angling problems other penis extenders have. The angle can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

For those with penile curvatures, this technology greatly improves the wearer’s comfort as well as enables them to avoid having their penis at severe angles.

This penis extender can help increase your penis length no matter the degree of curvature your penis has.

Comfort is extremely important when extending your penis, so ensure you choose the best device and give yourself the best chance of success

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Why So Many Different Options?

According to clinical studies by the University of Torin[2], a penis extender will need to be worn for at least four to six hours each day spanning a six month period in order to receive the maximum benefits and results.

This means that the penis extender will need to be as comfortable as possible, so that wearing it everyday is not painful and that it will not cause damage. The new design of SizeGenetics makes it possible for everyone to achieve the best possible results without hurting themselves or damaging their penis.

The 58 way technology is intended to make the penis extender comfortable for the wearer on an individual basis, so the different options are important since everyone’s size, shape and sensitivity will vary.

Did you know? SizeGenetics offers a free penis extension device to anyone willing to send before and after photographs and provide a testimonial of your results. Simply send the information to them at the end of the six month period and SizeGenetics will refund you the cost of your penis extender.

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