Can Any Foods Increase Penis Size?

Foods to Increase Penis Size

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were super foods out there that could increase your penis size? While these foods unfortunately don’t exist, don’t give up hope yet.

There are definitely foods out there that will dramatically increase your sexual performance.

You may be so amazed by their effects that you never think about the need for penis enlargement again. However, if you still feel the need for size, the foods that you eat can certainly impact the effectiveness of real penis enlargement solutions.

Did you know that penis extenders increase the size of your penis by increasing the amount of erectile tissue? This means that there is more tissue there to be engorged with blood during an erection.

However, you need to have a healthy blood flow to make this work effectively. Therefore, any foods you consume that interfere with blood flow, or a lack of the particular vitamins and nutrients that aid in blood flow, will interfere with a healthy, full size erection.

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Erection

If you find it difficult to achieve a full, firm erection, then it is quite possible that your diet is contributing to your problem. By obtaining the nutrients your body needs for proper function, you also ensure that your penis is obtaining the nutrients it requires for healthy function.

There are a variety of dietary changes you can make to help you achieve maximum size, such as:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables

    Up your intake of fruits and vegetables, particularly green leafy vegetables and orange vegetables and fruits. These contain a great deal of antioxidants that will help to rid your body of the free radicals that interfere with healthy functioning.

  • Avoid foods rich in saturated fats

    These foods can directly interfere with your blood flow, thus making a full erection more difficult.

  • Avoid “junk foods”

    Avoid “junk foods” that contain refined sugars and white flour.

  • Drive right by the fast food restaurants

    Most of their foods contain very little nutrients in comparison to the fats and sugars that your body does not need.

  • Include whole wheat grains

    Include a variety of whole wheat grains in your diet.

  • Make sure to consume a balanced diet

    Include each of the healthy food groups in moderation and try some new foods in each group to vary the nutrients you consume. A wider variety of healthy foods ensures your body is obtaining a wider variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

  • Ditch the cigarettes

    While you already know they are not good for your health, did you know that they may also be reducing the size of your erection? Smoking interferes with the body’s blood oxygen supply and makes blood vessels less effective, thus reducing the blood supply to your penis.

  • Begin taking a multivitamin

    Begin taking a multivitamin or different supplements if you are not certain you can obtain all of your body’s needs through healthy eating.

Now you know about the multitude of dietary changes you can make to encourage firm, full erections.

Do You Want to Achieve Real Results?

Popular solutions to penis enlargement
Still looking for effective ways to increase your penis size?

If it’s not enough for you and you’re still looking for effective ways to increase your penis size, keep reading and we’ll discuss the options.

There are four popular solutions to penis enlargement. These are:

  • Penis exercises
  • Penis pumps
  • Penis extenders
  • Penis enlargement surgeries

Penis Exercises

There are several types of exercises you can do to help increase the size of your penis. The most popular exercises are called Kegel exercises and Jelqing.

Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegel exercises are usually performed by pregnant and postpartum women to keep their PC muscles[1] in shape or by women who want tighter vagina. However, it’s not just for women. There are Kegel exercises for men![2]

Kegel’s sexual benefits include more intense orgasms, increased angle of erection, reduced risk of impotence, and increased distance of ejaculation

Kegel exercises are performed simply by squeezing, holding and releasing the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine. As you squeeze them, the exercise strengthens your PC muscles.

The best part about the Kegel is that you don’t need to use your hands or any other equipments; you can do them anywhere, anytime.

Tip: Teach your partner to do Kegels and add pleasure to your sexual experience

Jelquing Exercises

The other exercise works by way of a repetitive milking motion that encourages blood flow to the erectile tissue of the penis.

While the exercises do help to increase penis size during an erection and are a great way of maintaining bladder continence, if you discontinue the exercises, the increase in size will not be maintained on its own.

Penis Pumps

A penis pump is designed to create a vacuum suction to draw blood into the penis, thus creating an erection with more length and girth. While this may at first seem like an impressive option, it may only increase size during an erection and it should not be used frequently.

Regular use or the use of low quality pumps can cause significant damage to blood vessels, resulting in pain, bruising and possible long-term damage.

Penis Extenders

Turbo Charge Your Confidence with SizeGenetics

Clinically proven to work, these devices are designed to increase penis size through real growth of the cells in the erectile tissue. Traction is applied to this tissue (known as the corpora cavernosa), forcing the cells in the tissue to break free and begin to duplicate.

These new cells enable your penis to retain more blood during an erection, thus creating a larger, firmer penis. Penis extenders can also help to correct penis curvature and reduce premature ejaculation.

High quality penis extenders, such as SizeGenetics, have clinical evidence of their effectiveness. However, not all devices are created equally.

A quality device should be:

  • made of Medical Type 1 material
  • offer multiple comfort adjustments
  • have strong evidence of effectiveness through clinical studies
  • offer an adequate guarantee on the product (penis extenders can take up to six months for final results, thus a product offering a guarantee of less than six months may not be a quality product)

Penis Enlargement Surgery

This option is by far the most drastic options available for penis enlargement. There are three common surgeries that can be performed to increase penis size, but each surgical option carries its own risks and drawbacks. The three options are:

  • Severing the suspensory ligament of the penis

    This option adds about an inch to the appearance of your penis, but the penis can no longer point upward during an erection.

  • Inflatable tube insertion

    A tube is inserted into the penis and then attached to a pump inserted in your testicles. You control the size of your erection through the pump in your testicles.

  • Penis skin grafts

    Skin is taken from another area of your body and grafted to your penis. This is likely the riskiest of all procedures because if the graft does not take well, it will die, causing potential scarring and deformities.

Now that you know the dietary changes you can make to maximize your penis size, as well as the enlargement options available, you can make an informed decision about how you would like to proceed from here.

If you need a penis enlargement to feel confident with your lover, make sure to make a well-informed and well-researched decision. Before you know it, you’ll be strutting your sexual prowess and making her cry out for more!