Exercise to Increase Your Penis Size

The Myth Debunked

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If you’re longing to have longer sex equipment then you have likely gone searching for the easiest and most pain-free method of making it happen. So you’ve done a little bit of looking around and you’ve heard a few people touting the wonders of exercise to increase your penis size.

The body building industry heralds some special exercises as a great way to increase size, particularly when combined with proper diet, dietary supplements or other supplements increasing growth hormone levels.

If you’re hoping that some exercises are going to bring about the changes in size you’re looking for, you may be rather disappointed. Most of these exercises will do nothing to enlarge your penis and even if you do experience growth, the results are likely to be temporary and your penis will return to its original size if you stop exercising.

While this may at first seem discouraging, don’t give up hope yet. Read on to find out about real ways to enlarge your penis.

A Real Solution

To effectively increase your penis size, you need a device that actually increases the amount of tissue in the penis. And it just so happens I know of exactly such a product.

A penis extender is designed to augment your penis size by increasing the cells in your erectile tissue. This tissue is called the corpora cavernosa[1].

As the extender applies traction to this area, the cells break free from the walls and begin to multiply. These new cells increase the volume of blood the penis can hold during an erection, thus increasing the size of your penis.

Penis stretching device
A penis extender is designed to augment your penis size by increasing the cells in your erectile tissue

A penis extender will:

  • Increase the length of your penis
  • Increase the girth of your penis
  • Decrease embarrassing premature ejaculation
  • Improve the erect curvature of your penis

The Perfect Device

The benefits of a penis extender are not theoretical. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of the device.

In one clinical study[2] of 18 men, the participants gained an average increase in erection size of 2.8 cm and an average increase of flaccid size of 1.9 cm. These results were maintained after the conclusion of the study.

However, not all penis extenders are created equally. There are particular factors to look for in a device that will actually provide real, lasting results.


A reputable and effective penis extender will be made of Medical Type 1 material, such as the devices made by SizeGenetics or JesExtender. This type of material helps to prevent the device from becoming uncomfortable, enabling you to wear it for an adequate amount of time.

Other comfort factors to look for in a penis extender include the amount of adjustability. No two penises are the same, and therefore a penis extender should provide comfort adjustments, such as SizeGenetics that enable you to adjust the device in 58 different ways for the most comfortable fit.

Clinically Tested Device

Clinical Studies

Do not choose a penis extender that does not provide proof of clinical testing on the particular product.

Many devices site display generic studies to prove the effectiveness of their product but have never had their own product tested to know if it measures up. Find a device that provides real, supportive evidence for the effectiveness of that particular penis extender.


This point is just common sense. If the product will work, there is no reason not to support its effectiveness with a money back guarantee. However, even this can be misleading.

You see, a penis extender takes about six months to provide you with the final and lasting results. If the guarantee offered with the device is not of at least this length, what is the likelihood that it is a quality product?


While exercise alone will not provide the increase in penis size you’ve been hoping for, it can provide the stamina you need to make every sexual experience a night-long event you’ll never forget.

Combined with a quality penis extender, you will have the size and stamina to make your lover crazy with desire and craving more over and over again.


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  1. Corpora Cavernosa is an erectile tissue which contain most of the blood in the penis during penile erection
  2. 1st International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery in Spain, from a study called Tractive Elongation of the Penis by Means of Stretching by Jørn Ege Siana, MD, Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery, Copenhagen.