The Importance of Penis Health and Size

Genital health is just as important as any other muscle in our body, and has a major influence on the overall well being of men’s self image.

Young couple in bed
By maintaining a healthy sex life with your partner, your confidence will be greatly increased

Problems with the penis are highly common, and can occur in men of all ages. Lumps, rashes, erectile dysfunction (ED), inflammation and excessive erections can all be damaging to the penis which can, in turn, affect the male’s self confidence level.

Some of these problems can affect the male self image so severely that they may avoid sexual contact out of self consciousness. This is psychologically, emotionally and physically unhealthy for men of all ages.

The Impact of Penis Size on Health and Life

Because of the self consciousness associated with several penile issues such as erectile dysfunction[1], men may not discuss the problems they are experiencing with their doctors.

Men tend to equate the size and health of their penis to their own masculinity and self worth, creating problems if their size does not match up to their own expectations of what the “normal” size should be.

Part of the problem is inaccurate comparison. Since most men do not have a basis for comparison other than films and photos from the adult industry, they may not have an accurate and realistic ideal of what the average penis size is.

86% of men believe the length of their penis was not satisfactory

A recent study at La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society[2] revealed that 86% of the men tested were unhappy with their penis size. This study proves the correlation between men’s self image and their penis size.

Every third man stated that they had considered undergoing an operation to increase their penis size

Four out of five of the men studied reported that they were not satisfied with their genitals, whereas another 43% stated that they had considered undergoing an operation to increase their size.

When dealing with these kinds of issues it is important to understand what an impact penis size can have on men’s physical, psychological and emotional health.

Tips to Improve Penis Health

Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

Couple eating grapes
A healthy, balanced diet will help promote a healthy sex life for both of you

A healthy, balanced diet can help improve blood circulation to the penis, and reduce the amount of fatty deposit buildups that can clog the penile arteries.

Avoiding animal fats and excessive sugars can also help with blood flow, lower the risk of heart disease, and avoid sexual dysfunctions that are related to other health issues.

Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can also result in poor blood flow, and cause a build of arterial plaque in important vessels and arteries. The chances of erectile dysfunction, impotence, and reduced penis size are highly increased with extended smoking habits.[3]

Add Multivitamins to Your Diet

Including a multivitamin into your daily regimen can help reduce the risks of potential sexual dysfunctions. Vitamin E in particular has shown potential for preventing some penile problems such as Peyronie’s disease.[4]

Consult your doctor before beginning any herbal treatments

Wild yam, ginseng, dong quai, hydrangea root, and saw palmetto are just a few of the herbs that have been used to treat sexual impotence.


Regular physical activity is also vital for good health overall, not to mention penile health. Thirty minutes of exercise a day improves blood circulation, cardiovascular health, and reduces the risk of diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease to name only a few, that are major risk factors for male impotency. Any physical activity that increase the heart rate and which is performed correctly can be counted as regular exercise.

Having regular erections and ejaculations can also help with blood flow within the penis as well as self confidence. By maintaining a healthy sex life with your partner, your confidence will be greatly increased and your lower your risk of other penile issues.