Make Your Penis Look Larger Now

Would you like to look mightier in the bedroom? Show off your equipment in a better light to make your lover drool over what you have to offer.

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Show off your equipment in a better light to make your lover drool over what you have

There are a few tips and tricks to enhance the appearance of your penis so it looks larger and more enticing than ever before.

Although these tips won’t physically make your penis bigger, they’ll make it look AND feel bigger until your gains from exercising and stretching become more noticeable.

There is no silly magic behind any of these methods, and no crazy potions I promise. Most are simply common sense ways to make your sex equipment look most impressive for every opportunity you get to show it off to your lover.

Stop Hiding behind the Hair

Have you ever heard the phrase “You can’t see the forest for the trees”? All of the hair around your penis is masking the size of your penis. In fact, a thick mass of pubic hair can make your penis look at least 2-3 cm smaller. Getting rid of it is a 15-20% instant increase if you have an average penis.

Trim the hair around your penis and you’ll instantly gain the appearance of a full inch in size. You don’t have to shave the entire area if you aren’t comfortable; a neat and tidy haircut will do just fine.

Spend Some Time in Front of a Mirror

Spend some time in front of a mirror
Spend some time in front of a mirror and find the most impressive angle

You only ever see your penis from one angle: looking downward. This angle probably gives you the least impressive view of your penis.

You need to spend some time in front of a mirror and find the most impressive angle on which to display your penis.

Then, next time your with a lover, you can keep in mind your most impressive angles. Your penis is most likely to look the most impressive from a side angle where its jutting length is most evident.

Take Control of Your Penis at All Times

Men are most uncomfortable with their penis size when it is in a flaccid (soft) state. Think about the size difference between your penis when it is fully erect compared to when it is flaccid on a cold day.

The good news is you can learn to control your penis in most circumstances so it looks more impressive anytime. While temperature is sometimes an unavoidable control (so try to keep it warm when you’re naked), there are two other controls that will influence the size of your penis in its flaccid state.

The first is the need to urinate. During this state, the penis increases in size, creating a more impressive penis in its flaccid state.

The other control is arousal. Keep your mind on arousing thoughts when you want your flaccid penis to look larger.

Get Rid of Those Extra Pounds

While this tip may not be an overnight solution, extra weight can make your penis look smaller. Shed those pounds and your penis will look larger.

Have you tried all the tips and tricks and are still not entirely impressed with the size of your penis?

Make a Real Size Improvement

How about taking your quest one step further with a penis extender to actually increase the size of your penis? Think about how impressive you’ll look when you use all of those tips and tricks with a larger penis.

A penis extender is a simple solution for penis enlargement. It increases your penis size by increasing the cell volume in the erectile tissue of your penis.

Turbo Charge Your Confidence with SizeGenetics

The device applies traction to the corpora cavernosa (the erectile tissue) forcing the cells to break away from the cells and replicate. As the new cells grow, the erectile tissue is able to hold more blood during an erection, thus creating a larger penis.

While it may sound like an uncomfortable or even painful process, when you choose the right device, it is completely painless. To make sure you get the best penis extender available, make sure you look for a device that offers:

  • Medical Type 1 materials

    such as JesExtender, ProExtender or SizeGenetics, for a comfortable fit that does not chafe, rub or cause rashes

  • Comfort adjustability

    to make sure it fits you perfectly. E.g. SizeGenetics offer the 58-way comfort adjustment so you can find your perfect fit

  • Clinical evidence

    so you know it is an effective device

  • A money-back guarantee

    of at least 6 months so you can try the product risk free and experience real result

So, now you can not only make your penis look more impressive, you can actually increase its size very easily.

Use the penis extender for penis enlargement and then follow the above tips and tricks and you’ll have a sexually satisfying piece of equipment that keeps your lover coming back for more every chance she gets.

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