Not All Penis Extenders are Created Equally

Do you long to have a longer piece of equipment to satisfy your lover? Do you find yourself wondering if your bedroom playtime leaves your partner less than thoroughly pleasured? If you do, then you are not alone.

Couple in bed
Do you long to have a longer piece of equipment to satisfy your lover?

In fact, there are so many men around the world wondering the same thing that there is actually a term for it: it is called penile dysmorphophobia.[1]

Rather than turning to potentially harmful surgical options to increase your penis size, you have decided to utilize a penis extender to turn your penis into a sexual satisfaction machine that no woman will forget.

But now that you’ve made the decision, how do you decide which of the penis extenders on the market is right for you?

How It Works

Let’s start off with a discussion of how a penis extender works to help you make the best decision. Penis extenders are obviously designed to increase the size of your penis, but let’s talk about the science behind it.

Penis traction is a very effective method for penis enlargement. It’s well-researched through numerous scientific studies.

Extenders apply traction to the corpora cavernosa. This is the region of erectile tissue in the penis. As traction is applied, cells break free and begin to multiply, allowing the erectile tissue to hold more blood during stimulation. This increases penis size and encourages firmer erections.

Now, while the explanation seems rather straight forward, not every penis extender works in the exact same manner. This is where the decision part comes in.

The Comfort & Effectiveness Differences

There are several possible differences between different penis extenders and these together can interfere with the efficiency and effectiveness of the product. These differences can include:

Remember, you have to wear your penis extender and if you don’t feel totally comfortable, you’ll never use it

  • the material of the extender
  • the methods it can be worn
  • the angle from which it works

The material of the penis extender can make the device comfortable to wear all day long, or torture to wear for even a short period of time. The SizeGenetics penis extenders are made from Medical Type 1 materials to help keep the device comfortable at all times.

Every man is created differently, thus there is no one size or one fit for everyone. Unfortunately, many penis extenders come with only one way of wearing the device. This can sometimes cause the device to slip, thus decreasing its comfort and effectiveness.

The SizeGenetics penis extender can be worn 58 different ways to provide the most comfortable and effective fit for you.

Finally, the angle at which the penis extender fits can drastically alter the comfort of the device. SizeGenetics, for example, utilize the MDA Technology. This stands for Multi-Directional Angling. This causes the device to adjust to the curvature of your penis.

As you can see, penis extenders such as those offered by SizeGenetics offer you maximum comfort for maximum results.

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The Extras to Look For

Now that we’ve covered comfort factors, there are a few more things to look for when searching for the perfect device. These factors help to ensure that you are getting a product that provides the results it claims.


When comparing products look for:

  • Clinical Study Information
    While clinical studies have proven the efficacy of penis extenders, not every product is created equally. Look for information about the testing the device has undergone to ensure a quality product.
  • Guarantee
    This is relatively common sense. If the product is good, the supplier will ensure satisfaction with a money back guarantee. Look for a device that offers a lengthy guarantee period of at least six months. The device can take up to 6 months to provide full results, and therefore, a device that comes with a shorter guarantee period may be of questionable quality.

Choosing the perfect penis extender can give you the confidence you need to strut your stuff in the bedroom and bring your lover to climactic heights she has never before experienced.

Now that you know exactly what to look for when choosing the perfect device, go ahead and make your move today. That all-important sexual member will be driving your lover wild before you know it.

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