Penis Extenders vs. Enlargement Surgery

Which One Will Make Your Sexual Confidence Soar?

Extenders vs Surgery
Both extenders and enlargement surgery come with their advantages and disadvantages

You’ve decided to make a few minor adjustments to your sex equipment; namely, you’ve decided you want your penis larger to gain the confidence you need in the bedroom to make your lover wild with pleasure.

Now you have to make the decision about the best method to accomplish your goal.

The two effective means available to enlarge your penis are penis extender devices and penis enlargement surgery. Both of these options have their own merit, but let’s take a look at each one so you can feel equipped with the information you need to make the best decision for you.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Let’s start by discussing your surgical options. Believe it or not, there is more than one way to enlarge your penis through surgery. The techniques used in each surgery have made drastic advancements over the past two decades, making the procedures safer and more effective.

However, surgery can still be a risky endeavor, so make sure you understand what is involved with each procedure. The three most commonly performed penis enlargement surgeries are:

  • Penile Suspensory Ligament Surgery

    During this procedure, the ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone is severed. This creates an instant increase in size of up to one inch. However, the severed ligament no longer holds the penis pointing upward during erection.

  • Penile Implant Surgery

    Inflatable tubes are inserted into the penis[1] and connected to a pump that is inserted in the testicles. The pump is used to increase the size of an erection any time. However, over usage can result in a sore penis.

  • Skin Grafting Surgery

    Skin is taken from other areas of the body and grafted to the penis to increase size. However, this is potentially the most hazardous of the surgical options because the graft can die, leaving behind scars and deformities.

As you can see, each of these surgical procedures can increase the size of your penis, but each procedure is significantly invasive and comes with its own risk.

Studies have shown that the majority of men who undergo penis-enlargement surgery aren’t satisfied with the results[2]

Let’s move on now and discuss the other option for penis enlargement.

Penis Extenders

If you’re wondering what these are, let me explain. A penis extender is a device that you can use at home to increase the length and girth of your penis. It is designed to apply traction to the erectile tissue of the penis, called the corpora cavernosa.

Penis stretching device
Easily a lot safer than putting your penis under the knife

As traction is applied over a period of time, the cells of the erectile tissue break away and begin to duplicate. This increase in cells increases the volume of blood the erectile tissue can hold. This results in:

  • An increase in penis size
  • An increase in penis girth
  • A decrease in premature ejaculation
  • A decrease in penile curvature

Sounds pretty good so far, right? The information gets even better.

While many creams and supplements offer empty promises to increase penis size, clinical studies have proven that penis extenders actually provide real penis enlargement.

When you do your research and choose the right device, you can use the penis extender safely and be confident that it will work effectively. However, before you run out and buy the first product your find, there are a few considerations to take into account when choosing the best device.

The things to look for in a high quality penis extender are:

Medical Type 1 Materials

The only real risk you will ever experience with penis extenders is picking the wrong device

The material used to make the device. Some materials can cause friction, rashes and other harmful side effects. Devices, such as SizeGenetics or ProExtender, are made from Medical Type 1 materials for comfort and safety.

Comfort Adjustments

MDA Technology
With multi directional angling you can wear the device in a wide range of comfortable angles

Some penis extenders come with no adjustability. However, since no two men have penises that are exactly the same size, shape or angle, it is important that the penis extender offer straps that adjust to your particular shape.

SizeGenetics, for example, offer penis extenders that can be adjusted in 58 different ways to ensure the perfect fit for maximum results.

It just makes sense, right? You are far more likely to wear the device for a longer period of time if it is comfortable. And if you wear it for a longer time, you’ll see results faster.

Clinical Proof

Investigate whether or not the device has clinical support to back its claims. If it is a good product, there should be no reason not to put it to the test.

Be careful when looking at the clinical studies supporting the product. Make sure the clinical study has been used to evaluate the particular product’s effectiveness rather than the effectiveness of penis extenders in general.

Product Guarantee

This also attests to the quality of the particular device. If the product has been proven to be effective, the company should offer a guarantee to support its claims. Look for a money-back guarantee that offers at least six months to evaluate the device.

Penis extenders can typically take this amount of time to provide maximum penis enlargement. If the guarantee period is shorter than this, then perhaps the company is not offering a quality product.

Weighing Your Choices

Brand New Penis Extender

Now that you have the information on both types of penis enlargement options, it is really up to you to decide which option is better for you.

Both options have positive and negative qualities. However, the worst that can happen with a penis extender is it fails to provide the results you were hoping for. However, with the proper research, you are sure to find a device that will work for you.

Surgical procedures carry the risk of damage, scarring and deformity that may not be worth the risk at all. Therefore, it may be your best course of action to give a quality penis extender a try.

Devices available from SizeGenetics meet with the material, comfort, quality and guarantee requirements necessary to ensure an effective product.

So, go ahead and give it a try and then reap the benefits of your increased confidence in the bedroom with sex play like you have never known before.

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