Prevent Peyronie’s Disease

Avoiding Peyronie's Is Possible

One of the best ways to avoid getting Peyronie’s disease is to be educated and informed about it, how it develops, and what its symptoms and causes are.

Avoiding Peyronie's Is Possible
One of the biggest things that Peyronie’s disease can do to a man is destroy his self esteem

Prevention is the best way to deal with Peyronie’s disease, and it’s onset but in order to prevent it, you must first understand it.

Understanding how Peyronie’s disease develops can help you to avoid potential risk factors such as injury and trauma to the penis.

The disease is still mysterious in many ways[1], but researchers have narrowed down some of its potential causes and ways to avoid them.

What Causes Peyronie’s Disease?

Trauma or Injury

There is a great deal of research that supports that trauma or injury to the penis is one of Peyronie’s leading causes. Bleeding inside the penis after injuries such as bending or hitting can lead to the development of plaque inside the penis which then leads to severe curvature, bending, discomfort and a less functional erection.

Older males at a higher risk level due to the loss of cellular elasticity; however, males of all ages are susceptible to the disease, and it has been observed in patients as young as age 18.


Peyronie's disease runs in families
Those with a close relative with Peyronie’s disease have a higher risk of developing PD

There is some research that suggests Peyronie’s disease can also be attributed to genetics. If the disease runs in the family it can make males more susceptible to getting the disease in the event of injury or other factors.

This biological predisposition to the disease seriously increases the males’ likelihood of getting Peyronie’s disease especially if other factors are present.

Autoimmune Disorder

There is also research being conducted to determine if Peyronie’s disease may be an autoimmune disorder; the result of the development of antibodies that will fight the cells.

In the case of Peyronie’s disease this would be the plaque that develops within the penis. Research for this potential cause is still inconclusive.

Other factors, including other certain health conditions, smoking and some types of prostate surgery may be linked to Peyronie’s disease.

Tips to Avoid Peyronie’s Disease

Sleeping Position

Peyronie’s disease can undermine a man’s ability to have sex, and can also cause erectile dysfunction

Though not yet medically proven, there is some research that suggests that sleeping on your stomach can result in a negative (“compression”) effect on the blood vessels within the penis, especially in adolescence, resulting in a reduced blood flow to the spongy tissues.

By cutting off the blood supply you can restrict the growth of the cells, and result in a permanent curvature that is indicative of Peyronie’s disease.

Sexual Positions

Injury during sexual intercourse is one of the most common causes of Peyronie’s disease since the penis is particularly susceptible at that time. You should exercise caution when using certain sexual positions, such as female on top, to avoid damage, trauma, excessive bending or a penile fracture during sex.

Vitamin Supplements

Peyronie's Device

Researchers have determined that by taking vitamin E supplements orally on a daily basis, many patients with Peyronie’s disease reported improvement.

However, the research does not yet support whether or not taking vitamin E supplements is a good preventative method for the disease.

Traction Based Penis Extenders

Using a penis extender, such as the SizeGenetics, or a Peyronie’s Device can not only help prevent or treat Peyronie’s disease, it can also result in the permanent enlargement of your penis.

It is one of the most comfortable, and unrestrictive methods of correcting penis curvature available. To make wearing the device as instructed even easier SizeGenetics offers 58 Way Comfort Technology, while Peyronie’s Device features the Perfect Grid System.

Using a penis extender results in correction to curvatures, penis enlargement, and a thicker, more functional erection.

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