The Proper Use of Penis Extenders

Achieve the Maximum Results

The penis extender is worn on your penis while in a flaccid state for several hours a day over an extended period of time; typically between three and six months. It is worn underneath your clothes, is not visible, and must be comfortable enough to be worn for such extended periods of time.

It works by slowly stretching the penis which causes the cells to break apart in a non-painful way, eventually leading to cellular replication which results in permanent size increase in both length and girth and the reduction of penis curvatures.

Following the steps listed below can help you achieve the maximum results without causing you any pain or discomfort.

Wearing the Extender: Step by Step

The penis should be completely dry and in a semi erect state before beginning.

Wearing the extender
Once everything is fastened and secured it’s time to do things you enjoy while sitting or lying down
  • There is a plastic ring on the device which will secure your penis. Insert your penis through the plastic ring first.
  • Apply the comfort pad into the device, and tighten down the loop until the head of the penis is secure.
  • Adjust the traction level of the extender by turning the knobs towards your penis, tightening the two bars that sit parallel to your penis.
  • Attach the silicone ring extender to the head of your penis and make the final tension adjustments.

It is best used underneath loose fitting clothing, and situated in a downwards angle. This is perfect for wearing to work if you have a job that involves a lot of standing.


It’s still possible to see gains even if the extender is used for lesser time regularly

To achieve maximum results, it is important that the penis extender is worn for a certain period of time on a daily basis. It is ideal to wear the penis extender in two hour increments with a fifteen minute break in between, for a total of eight hours per day.

It is possible however, to adjust your wearing time to fit your schedule better as long as you maintain regular wearing times.

Most often, visible results are reported between three and six months, though everyone is different. It may take less or more time to achieve results, depending on individual factors and the amount of wear time each day.

How to Cease Using the Extender (Cementing)

You can stop using the extender at any time once the ideal results have been achieved. However, for the best results to stay permanent it is best to slowly taper off the use over a period of time to avoid discomfort and to maintain the achieved size.

Tip: Decrease your wear time in one hour increments over a period of three weeks until you no longer need to wear the device.


  • Use a comfort strap

    Wearing the comfort strap that is included (you should choose a device that has a comfort strap) with your device is of the utmost importance in avoiding discomfort.

  • Reduce the amount of tension

    At no point should wearing the penis extender become painful. It needs to be tight enough that your penis is secure, but not so tight that blood flow is restricted. Some slight discomfort at first is normal, but if it persists then you should reduce the amount of tension on your penis.

  • Start slowly

    Start off by using the penis extender for four hours a day with a fifteen minute break between two hour increments. You can then begin to work up to six to eight hours a day of wearing time.

  • Don’t use it while sleeping

    Only use the penis extender during the day to avoid possible injury at night.

  • Take a day off

    Allow one day a week in which you do not wear the penis extender to help facilitate healing and cellular replication.

  • Take supplements

    Taking a multi-vitamin orally on a daily basis can help you achieve maximum results.

Other Tips

Try massaging your penis with vitamin E oil after wearing the extender on a daily basis.

If red sores begin to appear on the skin at any point it is a sign that too much stretching is occurring. Remove the device and wait for the red sores to go away before continuing use of the extender.

Make sure that the device you select is medically proven, and has statistical information available to back it up. Doing a little bit of research before you choose the penis extender can help you achieve maximum results and comfort.


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